Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

A long way from baby puree

The Terrible 2's

by Jen

The Terrible 2's have arrived in full force, and it's all happening the way everyone said it would.

Tantrums. It's my turn. I wanna do it. What's this? I don't like it. Tantrums. No, Mommy. My Turn. No, Daddy. What's this? I don't like it. Me do it. Tantrums. My turn. Potty training. No, Mommy. I don't like it. Reese turn. And more tantrums.

But even with all of the kicking and screaming that comes with the 2's, they really aren't so terrible. In fact, this is the best stage so far in my book. Hands down. And that's what everyone forgets to tell you.

Mo' Fish

Reese finally had her first catch and enjoyed every slimy minute of it.